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1265 Hours Available To Reach Your Goals – How Will You Use Them?

July 3, 2012

By Laurie Clarke, COO, The Tatham Group I had a wonderful Canada Day long weekend complete with a waterfront festival, outdoor activities, relaxing by the pool, ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream! While doing our best to enjoy the moment, I couldn’t help beginning to feel bogged down by they impending amount of […]

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A Marketers Approach to Retention: Part 3

February 27, 2012

By Lorrie Henry – Strategic Marketing and Retention Consultant – led marketing and/or retention efforts at three of the top five national banks after an earlier career path at three leading consumer package goods (CPG) marketing companies. Last entry I talked about the marketer’s holistic view of retention addressing actions to the entire customer lifecycle, […]

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Three Little Questions For Big Results

January 23, 2012

By John Munce, Relationship Executive, The Tatham Group  Tommy is a buddy who makes the same resolution each New Year for the last 15 years: eat less and exercise more.  He makes a big plan and sometimes plans to sign up for the YMCA. By the 9th of January he has fallen off his commitment […]

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Bridging The Gap Between Goals And Accomplishment

January 16, 2012

By Laurie Clarke, COO, The Tatham Group As another new year begins we are often met with mixed emotions.  Excitement as the ball dropping represents a clean slate – a fresh start!  And usually equally present is nervousness – what if I don’t follow-through on my resolutions again this year?  What will make this year […]

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