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Embracing The Millennial Opportunity

August 15, 2013

Written in 2009, this post is more relevant today than ever.  Engaging Millennials is fast becoming a talked about concern among executives and middle managers alike.  Check it out to get some more insight into this ‘AND’ generation. The Future is Friendly By Michael Tatham Jr, President, The Tatham Group Are Millennials lazy or just […]

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Grab a Compass and Ditch the Roadmap

March 18, 2013

By Laurie Clarke, COO, The Tatham Group I stepped onto the late evening flight exhausted and frustrated after a day of delays and shuffling.  I know that I will miss the last connecting flight back to Toronto and have to stay overnight.  Every business traveller has been there, myself more times than I care to […]

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Everyone is a Gatekeeper

March 5, 2013

By Laurie Clarke, COO, The Tatham Group This morning began as every other morning with one exception.  My daughter decided that she did not want to go to preschool today.  “You will have fun!” Shakes head emphatically no.  “Today is ballet class…you don’t want to miss that do you?”  We’ve moved to ignoring now.  “Don’t […]

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How Process Drives Culture – The Big Three

October 17, 2012

By Keith DeFreitas An earlier blog post, Selling, Not Yelling, described my experience with a team of car salespeople.  I told the story of shifting from “motivating” them to building a consistent sales process.  As the team focused on process, they dramatically improved the hard must-have goals. The General Manager went from pounding to praising them […]

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Shifting from Middle to World Class in 10 Weeks

August 13, 2012

By Laurie Clarke, COO, The Tatham Group For weeks they thought it would never come together.  ‘Just trust us’, we say as the look of skepticism crosses their face when asked to reach further into the unknown.  As a team that launched only ten short weeks ago worry has set in on the final stretch. […]

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At the Heart of Health Care – Part II

July 30, 2012

By Cathy O’Neill, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Quinte Health Care Last week in Part I, I outlined the importance of creating a Pull system for patients to recieve the right care at the right time in the right location as well as the importance of embracing failure as a key component of learning. […]

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A Framework for Success in the Real World

April 23, 2012

By Michael B. Tatham, President, The Tatham Group  The best kind of change initiative at any level is one that is not formally announced and occurs covertly.  I learned this from my father.  And, as usual, the message was presented in a manner that made me work to understand the lesson. It was the middle […]

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The Fly in the Bottle

March 26, 2012

By Tom Myrick, Financial Protection Services Expert Tom Myrick led a bank-owned insurance business to over $1billion in revenue.  He applied his experience as a process owner, product manager, and consumer products marketer.  Most of all, he instilled in a discipline of listening to the customer.   “What is my aim in philosophy? To show […]

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A Marketers Approach to Retention: Part 1

February 13, 2012

By Lorrie Henry – Strategic Marketing and Retention Consultant – led marketing and/or retention efforts at three of the top five national banks after an earlier career path at three leading consumer package goods (CPG) marketing companies. My colleague Lorrie Henry describes herself as someone who provides strategic marketing solutions.  And she does.  Her ability […]

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The story isn’t the icing on the cake, it IS the cake…

January 30, 2012

By Michael B. Tatham, President, The Tatham Group So says Peter Guber, one of the most successful Hollywood executives.  In the Globe and Mail article The third act of Hollywood deal maker Peter Guber, Simon Houpt shows how this success can be attributed to being a master storyteller.  Guber describes his business not as entertainment but […]

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