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A Marketers Approach to Retention: Part 3

February 27, 2012

By Lorrie Henry – Strategic Marketing and Retention Consultant – led marketing and/or retention efforts at three of the top five national banks after an earlier career path at three leading consumer package goods (CPG) marketing companies. Last entry I talked about the marketer’s holistic view of retention addressing actions to the entire customer lifecycle, […]

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Learning From Failure

July 22, 2011

By Michael Tatham, President, The Tatham Group The most fearful event in civil aviation is a mid-air collision. Whether involving a helicopter and small plane  or commercial jets (http://youtu.be/2pKe93ckmXI, they are dramatic and horrifying.) They occur very infrequently, but when they do the Civil Aviation Authority is all over it like CSI on a murder.   […]

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Hiding Behind Training

May 6, 2011

By Michael J Tatham, Founder/Director, The Tatham Group

An engineer by training, I learned to use the scientific method to find the root cause of problems and by the late 60’s had an effective approach to designing training programs. Companies typically produce training programs that teach their people how to correct defects in the product rather than fix the process. As a result, a bad process keeps too many people busy fixing and reworking the output. Many companies around the world today invest millions in training programs focused on fixing and reworking output from bad processes. I’ll say the same thing I said 40 years ago: “When the process doesn’t work, fix the process; don’t blame the people.

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Slow Down to Go Fast

February 28, 2011

In the business world today there is much debate over what tools and   structure should be used to ‘fix things’. However there is not much discussion or thought about what should be fixed. Regardless of the tool you choose the first step should always be slow down then go fast.  It’s more important to know […]

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Fairly Efficient

February 21, 2011

By John Munce, Deployment Executive, The Tatham Group The seven of us gathered to divide the spoils.  Our uncle had died and left everything to the nieces and nephews.  He left explicit instructions for the guns and cars, vague instructions for the furniture and household goods, and the instruction that family furniture from our grandparents […]

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Setting The Stage For An Easier Change Effort

January 25, 2011

By Michael B. Tatham, President, The Tatham Group This past December I was working with a small business to help them build a strong infrastructure for growth.  The projected volume of business they are anticipating over the next three to five years necessitates flawless execution of operations in order to succeed.  The President of this […]

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Build Esteem To Fuel Your Business

January 18, 2010

Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him, and to let him know that you trust him. ~Booker T. Washington There is much research about the basic needs of human beings all built on Maslow’s hierarchy and heavily studied by psychologists around the world.  At a high level, the hierarchy says […]

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