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The Hidden Value in Performing Simple and Repetitive Tasks

December 12, 2017

By Laurie Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, The Tatham Group  Whether it’s having to make a meal or do the dishes, we are inching closer to automating those basic, everyday tasks. Researchers at Moley Robotics have already succeeded in bringing us the first robotic kitchen using motion-capture technology (image above). Two robotic hands can do everything […]

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Fixing an unstable process will BURN. YOU. OUT.

October 23, 2017

  Do you fancy burnt toast? No one could fathom why Michael’s father loved burned toast. He still does. Every morning he sets the toaster on high, and butters his crisp toast before kicking off his day. When Michael was younger, he would rush into the kitchen and toss two slices of bread into the […]

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Takeaways from The Change Management & Organization Design Conference – Toronto

May 4, 2017

This was a good week. We landed our recent op-ed on automation and the next frontier for middle-management in the May issue of The Canadian Business Journal, and had the opportunity to share our customer experiences at The Change Management and Organization Design Conference in Toronto. We were joined by executive and senior leadership interested […]

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The One Question That Could Save You Millions

February 3, 2017

By Laurie Clarke, Chief Operating Officer The Case of Jefferson Memorial Everyone knew the cause of deteriorating marble on the Jefferson Memorial: too much detergent. What was up for debate was what to do about it. In our experience, regardless of the size or nature of the organization, there is a common trend we see when a […]

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The Power of Attitude: A Cherokee Legend

March 5, 2012

By Laurie Clarke, COO, The Tatham Group As a coach, motivation is a big part of the job.  We help people and organizations reach their true potentials.  Sometimes the path appears daunting and our teams start to doubt themselves and their ability to affect change.  Are there large obstacles thrown at them?  Is transformative change […]

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The story isn’t the icing on the cake, it IS the cake…

January 30, 2012

By Michael B. Tatham, President, The Tatham Group So says Peter Guber, one of the most successful Hollywood executives.  In the Globe and Mail article The third act of Hollywood deal maker Peter Guber, Simon Houpt shows how this success can be attributed to being a master storyteller.  Guber describes his business not as entertainment but […]

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