Co-opetition: an interesting approach to management

July 17, 2008

Here is a great article published by the Economist on Diane Greene, head of VMware – a software development company. Not only is Greene’s story interesting: her journey began as a young graduate in mechanical engineering who couldn’t work on oil rigs because of her gender, so she switched to naval architecture, and then further into computer science — but what is most inspiring is how the obstacles she faced led her down the path of becoming an entrepreneur with a fresh new look on management and competition. The culture she has created at VMware, is certainly in large part a contributing factor to her success. In fact, it is much like the one created by Gore – a collegial, interactive and un-hierarchical approach is one that we could all learn from. In fact, companies like these are ranked by Fortune Magazine as some of the top ones to work for. Want to read more about them? Click here.