Confessions of a New Facilitator

May 29, 2008

The Tatham Group trained two individuals from the European operations of Canada Life to be facilitators for Boot Camp. Martina Hasenpflug, Project Manager for Canada Life Assurance in Neu-Isenberg, Germany and Simon Ralton, Learning & Development Manager in Potters Bar, England, share with us their thoughts.

MARTINA: “When Michael (Tatham Jr.) told me that after the course I would be able to hold a Boot Camp single handedly, I didn’t believe him. However, he was almost right. The training helped me to understand all parts of Boot Camp and any open questions were answered. [However] I would have preferred to have half a day in between to prepare. The general atmosphere in the Tatham office was very positive and helped a lot to achieve the results. The intensiveness, the people, the joint meals all worked really well together to set the right frame for the course. When I facilitated the “real” Boot Camp after the course I felt much more confident. We had an additional challenge, as it was the first Boot Camp held in German, but the feedback we got from the participants was very positive. Even skeptics were convinced and talked to me afterwards about processes, which should be re-designed. This for me is a sign of a successful Boot Camp.”

SIMON: “The real challenge for me was moving away from my normal style of training to one that was far more focused on self-learning. The Socratic sessions were very useful and perhaps there could have been more of these showing how they can be used with the methodology. At the end of the week I felt that so much had been squeezed in. However on returning home I realised that I had actually achieved quite a lot. Since returning I have been involved in two Boot Camps. The feedback from them has been very positive – even some skeptics saying how much they had learnt and how it had made them look at processes in a different light. Toronto itself is a great place and my main regret is that I did not spend more time there getting to know the city.”