“Everything could change”, writes Dee Dee Myers…and what if it did?

May 7, 2008

On my way home last night there was a bounce in my step. I felt lighter, happier, empowered…inspired – actually. I felt like I could rule the world.

I was coming back from having heard former white house press secretary, Dee Dee Myers speak at the Rotman School of Management at UofT. Myers is on tour promoting her new book called ‘Why Women Should Rule The World’. (For any Wachovia readers, some of you might recall her visit in Charlotte, NC last week.)

Myers, who was the first woman and youngest person to hold the job of press secretary in the U.S., makes a compelling argument. It’s not that she’s taking a stand against men – quite the opposite. It’s that she’s suggesting the world would be a better place if more women held positions of leadership and authority. In compiling hundreds of interviews, studies and facts, Meyers suggests that organizations (both in the government and the corporate world) performed better, made better decisions and came to better consensus when more women were involved in leadership and the decision-making process. She argues that it’s not because women are better or smarter, but it’s because we bring different issues to the table.

Meyers writes, “I’m not a sociologist. I’m not a psychologist, or a biologist, or a political theoretician. But as I began this book, I wanted to try to paint a picture, in laymen’s – or should I say laywomen’s? – terms, of what changes when there are more women in positions of power and authority across public life. And I hoped – and let’s be honest, expected – the results would make it obvious that the influence of women has been an overwhelmingly positive thing. Not because women are the same as men, but because of the many ways they are different.”

Just before she came to speak at UofT, she had a segment on CBC’s The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Rather than try to capture all of what she said, instead here’s a clip of her segment: