Fulfilling The New Years Resolutions- Starting Yesterday

December 22, 2009

By Michael B Tatham, CEO of The Tatham Group

Standing at 6’4, 235lbs and 8% body fat I get a lot of friends, family and even strangers asking me “What is your secret?” My response is “No secret except developing a plan and strategy that is realistic, progressive and therefore sustainable.”  What does that mean?

I’d say that most of the people I know try programs and strategies devised by other people that don’t fit into their lifestyle. If you’re not a morning person then morning exercising won’t work. If you love sweets eliminating them doesn’t work. If you are high strung meditating right away will fail before you even begin. And so on.

Whenever someone asks me for my process I start by explaining that I created it for my lifestyle and me so it won’t work for anyone else. If you don’t think you have the expertise to be able to create your own you are wrong! You know yourself better than any professional and even if you explain to a professional how you live there are many components you will subconsciously leave out. The result? The plan they develop won’t work and you’ll be off searching for a new plan, professional, support system.

In this post I will not give you any specific details on how I met my health goals no more than I would tell my business clients solutions to their problems. What I can do is tell you the process I used so you can learn more about you.

This involves the whole foundation of what The Tatham Group was built on, mindset change in order to achieve sustainability. If the New Year is your start date then chances are you have only determined what you want and not how you are going to do it. The time to start is now, but this does not mean you need to start changing right away either. Setting unrealistic goals and changing too much at once is sure to lead to frustration.

Normally we would take people through a business simulator to begin the mindset change but in this case all I can offer are words and experiments to enable you to change the way you think about approaching you fitness goals.

Step 1

The first step of my process for change was to interview myself and find out what was bothering me in the various aspects of my life: work, health, marriage, friendships, family, etc. I simply wrote them all out on a piece of paper. The list was larger than I had expected. Anticlimactic? I know. This was my stake in the ground – my starting point.

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  • Raymond Frost

    Please send additional steps

  • The second step is in ‘Disarming the silver bullet’ and the third is on its way.