How To Let Process Work For You

September 7, 2010

By Michael B Tatham, CEO of The Tatham Group

By now it is no secret that I am a process freak. I was infected with the bug a long time ago. I look out for companies that employ the same way of thinking and products that can help support my efforts both personally and at the office. Both require a lot of work.

I stumbled upon David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system and subsequently Omni Focus as a means to help implement the use of that system. Here are some of the reasons I love them:

  1. David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system is structured yet flexible. And if being disciplined is an ongoing battle for you, like it is for me, then you’ll be happy to know it is easier to use than abandon.
  2. Anything that helps people clear their minds so they can relax, truly relax, gets a thumb’s up from me.
  3. It forces you to keep the end in mind while working through all the minutiae of the day. You can work away knowing you are still working towards something you want in the end.
  4. The system is customizable to your life as to which mediums and methods you can use to apply the principles. You love paper? Use it. You love your little Apple gadgets? There’s an app for that!
  5. Which leads me to my love of Omni Focus synced real time through my office server on my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad. No matter where I am I can see the same information and update as I go.
  6. Omni Group thinks process not just process applications.  The most recent update (how to create an action item out of a website you are browsing – how cool is that?) was so clear, broken into digestible pieces and easy to follow that even someone technically challenged, as I am, is able to implement it successfully on the first try.
  7. They take feedback from their customers and implement them in test environments in order to continuously improve their product. I feel like I helped build the product and I am incredibly loyal to the company. They care what I think!
  8. That being said, they know what their product is for and what they are good at and stay true to that. The program doesn’t aspire to be all things to everyone. A wonderful thing as the program doesn’t become diluted with a lot of ‘stuff’ I would never use. If that were the case I would no longer be able to say number one above.

As with everything, it feels strange when you start using the system/program. It takes practice to make it a habit that becomes part of what you do every day, week, month, etc. If you’re looking for a system and tools to help with your personal productivity, or even if you’re not, I encourage you to check them out. I think both are fantastic!

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