If Everyday Were A Holiday…

December 22, 2010

Today I had a conversation with a lady I admire for her achievements in life and business. We spoke about priorities and what they mean in the grand scheme of life as well as in a person’s job. Our conversation made me pause and reflect on how I prioritize in my life and why it gets magnified over the holidays.

The holiday season is my favourite time of year. I start getting holiday-ready in August. I draw it out as long as possible into the New Year or until my husbands’ request to change the décor becomes a daily occurrence. My house is transformed into a winter wonderland and my already positive disposition starts to rival that of Porter’s Pollyanna.

There are a four main contributing factors which I’ve outlined below. I have to thank my parents for introducing and reinforcing them year after year. And as I think about these foundational factors, the type of leadership my parents provided my family is the exact leadership needed within every organization. Leaders of life and business should both strive to make every day feel a lot like the holidays.


The people I consider family are those who give unconditional love, trust and support.  I am very blessed to have a lot of family. Unfortunately our lives are busy and we don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like. The holidays are one time every year where people either have or make the time.  Nothing beats having a conversation over a good meal, reading my niece a story, having my nephews explain to me why hockey is the greatest game ever or sitting by the fire with my husband enjoying the peace.


“It is better to give than to receive”. In our house, the excitement truly comes not from the gifts you receive but from those you give. It is not the present itself rather the thought that goes into choosing the gift for others. The gift is a reflection of us finding something to express our love and fulfill a wish we heard you make without you ever having to say the words.


We have many holiday family traditions. They link me to my heritage, ground me to the true meaning of the holidays and provide a comfort that is indescribable. A lot of things happen day-to-day however these traditions withstand the test of time and transcend my lifetime by passing them on to my daughter. I feel safe, happy and live in the moment for at least a few weeks every year.


A feeling that has a very similar effect to anxiety with the complete opposite end result. With no shortage of things to worry about it is a relief to have something to look forward to experiencing. Regardless of your age, the holidays hold just the right amount of magic to take your breath away for even just a moment.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and wish you laughter, joy and all the best!


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