Inspire Change: 8 Habits To Build

January 19, 2017

By Laurie Clarke, Chief Operating Officer
The Tatham Group


We leaders always want change to happen faster. But how?

It starts with us. Here are eight habits that lead to faster change and achieving exponential business outcomes. Using one is good. More is better.

  1. Drop your assumptions. Most people do not know why they are currently doing what they are doing. And often, management’s assumptions are wrong. Lead them through open discovery.
  2. Be patient. It is uncomfortable to question habits, and have our habits questioned.
  3. Introspect. Have you done/ said or are doing/ saying something to influence behaviour you do not want trickled down the organization?
  4. Be kind. Most people do not want to negatively impact the success of the company they work for. It is usually a byproduct of many experiences built upon the next or a lack of context/ understanding.
  5. Fail without fault. It is easier to foster change when people see failure as a step toward success.
  6. Illustrate your vision. Give your employees a story/ visual of your vision they can hold on to and connect with, even if it is not 100% defined.
  7. Invest in your people. Provide a way to build new skills and habits to replace the ones you are trying to undo.
  8. Have fun. Get a little messy!

How many of these habits do you model? And, has your team caught on?


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