What Boot Camp Does

Boot Camp is a gateway to improving how a business performs. For the executive team, it changes how each executive views his or her own behaviour and the business processes driving their organization. CEO’s learn that their own people can reliably and sustainably fix their business processes. Boot Camp also provides participants with a shared experience and common language to help ignite process redesign efforts using the Tatham Systematic Method. Boot Camp reveals a fundamental principle about sub-optimal business performance: people are not usually the problem. Ineffective business processes are often what cause micro-management that distracts the organization from its core business practices. The Tatham Approach is to impart a method that shows executives how to integrate a business and management system that is very clearly focused on the customer.

How Boot Camp Works

The journey begins where participants are working in a typical, complex, decentralized organization called Push Corporation. At the completion of the Push Corporation exercise, a debriefing session is used to collect data and document cultural characteristics. This data is used to track the improvements in business performance over the remainder of the two days.

Next, a problem-solving checklist is introduced in order to apply a disciplined approach to solving the company problems. Participants implement a solution and Push Corporation is run a second time to measure and verify results. The journey continues as participants take an end-to-end view of all of Push Corporation’s departments and functions to help identify communication and information transfer problems.

Participants continue to improve the business processes until Push Corporation is flexible, agile, and capable of processing a large volume of different customer orders received one order at a time over the Internet. The simulation is run four times in total during the two days.

At the conclusion of Boot Camp participants identify opportunities for their organization to execute a similar strategy. Tatham facilitators also discuss how to leverage the Tatham Group’s systematic method to achieve breakthrough levels of business performance and financial results as well as developing a list of potential target processes that will be strategic and valuable to redesign.