Michael Tatham, President & CEO

Idea man, artist, aviator and athlete; I take pride in the ability to engage in new experiences and break through the limits of commonplace thinking. A true advocate of experimentation and discovery, I wholeheartedly follow the scientific method and am inspired by the ambiguity it sometimes creates.

There is no doubt that working along side the founder, my father, demanded a strong work ethic, persistence and ability to constantly challenge the status quo. I have not forgotten this and apply it to Tatham as well as while coaching our clients.

I was introduced to prominent fortune 100 thought leaders from whom I learned a deep understanding of the corporate engine of change. I gained an invaluable skill – the ability to help leaders cut through bureaucracy and find simplicity on the other side of complexity.

My full-time engagement began in 2004. It was then that I discovered my true passion for developing experiential learning products, which allows me to help individuals and companies learn from failure, change the way they think, act in a new way and achieve results. As a young entrepreneur I have gained the respect and reputation as an inspirational coach and have an impressive record of business success on two continents and multiple industries.

The family business isn’t the only thing my father passed along to me. I inherited a love for aviation from a substantial lineage of private aviators. An elite and disciplined hobby that nurtures my desire to continuously learn and refine my skills.

Laurie Clarke, Chief Operating Officer

Adventurous, inspiring and a little bit quirky. I am an avid learner who is dedicated to coaching our customers to help them grow and excel in whatever they set out to achieve. I believe experience is the best teacher and get excited about facilitating our non-computer-based simulators. It’s the interactions with people that makes all the difference.

Besides learning that being a doctor was not what I wanted to be when I grew up, studying at the University of Toronto allowed me to understand that the students are often the best teachers. After completing my pre-med curriculum I added business school to my dossier and dove into refining my skills on how to get people excited and stay engaged.

My greatest leadership challenge, and true passion in life, is being a mother to fabulously unique children. I draw many parallels between parenting and the skills required for good leadership, change management, coaching and development.

Leadership is not a new gig for me. When I was six I was the official manager of the playground at a local amusement park. I would make sure all of the equipment was in safe working condition, the area was clean and no one was left alone on the teeter-totter, young or old. I have always had an ability to strike up a conversation, ask questions and get to the heart of the matter. I enjoy engaging with people and witnessing them achieve more than they thought possible.

Which makes my work a perfect fit. I have the opportunity to work with leaders, managers and workers across many industries and around the world. Travel has allowed my adventurous spirit explore new places, customs and foods like raw herring out of the North sea, durian fruit in Malaysia and kangaroo loin in the southern USA, strange but true. It has also taught me to respect my surroundings while always being true to myself.