The Road that has made all the difference

September 19, 2008

With a new vision for the Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Center at The Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario – one that fosters critical and creative thinking, Dr. Sheldon Fine, regional vice president of Cancer Services and chief of the department of oncology at the PRCC sees the Tatham Method as a lever that will open the doors within an organization.

“If you look at the processes of care, whether it’s in an ambulatory center or the cancer center, in the operating room or in the emergency department, Tatham opens your eyes to a more creative and innovative way of looking at delivery of the service.”

“So, for example in the past we used a record player to listen to music, then a tape, then a CD – all of which were incrementally better, but the fundamental change was – why do you have to have a physical medium at all? It was that kind of creative, eye-opening event that changed music and information technology. The same could be said of health-care.”

Dr. Fine says the real appeal to using the Tatham Method is that it doesn’t require each individual on the team to be a specialist. “It involves a commitment and being able to work as a strong team member, but the skills most people have within them – in terms of being able to observe, to discuss, to debate changes – are things that can be done within any organization by reasonable individuals. And that’s what’s so compelling about it. This is something you can teach people and pass on.”

This paradigm shift – from being a culture overwhelmed by the growing need to provide safe and efficient cancer care, to being a culture of staff that feel empowered to create a process that takes the overall patient experience into account – is one that is slowly evolving at the PRCC.