Tips from the trade

May 23, 2008

In a conversation with The Tatham Group, Markus Luig, a recently certified Process Master talks about what it means to execute the Tatham Method at Canada Life Europe…

TG: How did you get started with the Tatham methodology?

ML: I came to Canada Life Europe in 2001, and started as a project manager. In 2003 Canada Life UK and Ireland started doing work with Tatham.

TG: What made you decide to become a Process Master?

ML: I think it was just a matter of interest. Being a project manager you’re constantly trying to improve things. I found it very interesting and I also saw the personal benefits from being part of the program. I myself didn’t expect to get involved with CPI, but once I got into it, and understood it…it just made sense.

TG: Can you pass along any tips for current or aspiring Process Masters?

ML: First you have to be really comfortable with the whole methodology. It’s not just something you use three times a year to run Boot Camps: this is a way of thinking. As a facilitator, you should make it part of your daily life. The Tatham method isn’t just a tool, it’s something that you should show people whenever possible, in how they can improve their processes without always talking about adding resources like IT or software. It’s simply making things better using what you’ve got. The second is that you have to talk to the right people in the company. It’s not just about aligning yourself with people at your level, it’s about spreading the message to the people who are in a position to make a difference and who can support you in any improvements.