Work on What Matters So Your Business Matters More

October 2, 2017

Even the best time managers get sucked into the black abyss of non-value added activities.  The catch is can you recognize the difference?
There’s a quick and easy test to help determine if the numerous steps you take to get a product or service to your customer are actually steps worth taking.

An activity or process is value-add when it meets all three criteria below:

  1. The customer want it and are they willing to pay for it
  2. The product or service changes in form or function
  3. Is done right the first time. No rework.

A few years ago, The Tatham Group had the opportunity to work with the Peel Region’s Cancer Centre to help them reimagine patient-care. At the Oncology Clinic, 64 steps occurred for a breast cancer patient to receive one chemotherapy infusion. Executing so many steps took a long time and exhausted resources across the organization.  When the team of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists applied the test for value-add, they found only one step was adding value to the customer experience: the patient receiving the prescribed drug.

That’s when they realized that confirming and reconfirming the prescription may be necessary for safety, but was not value-add, and worse, was reducing the quality and expediency of care.  Going through the value-add test led them to simplify how patient’s received her chemo as quickly as possible. By getting rid of confusion, handoffs, and rework, the risk of errors dropped and patients stopped having a long and tiresome experience on top of a difficult treatment, and helped the centre provide cancer grow its volume of care by a steady rate of 25 percent.

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