What is Boot Camp?

December 6, 2011

We often are asked to describe the Boot Camp experience.  Similar to a skydiving experience, you have to feel it to understand it.  This often leaves us for a loss of words.  Following a recent session we asked the participants to finish this sentence: “If you were to tell a colleague/friend/family member about your experience, you would say…”  Here is a sampling of those leaders responses.


“It’s an experiential learning environment that helps you shift your focus and energy to the customer.”

“Boot Camp is an eye opening experience on how to Champion and lead change in an organization; it’s a lot of fun.”

“An eye opening journey that will take you/team to a superior productivity level while bringing more customers in our front door.”

“An uncomfortably eye-opening experience but it’s a good thing!”

“Excellent team building mind opening experience.”

“Whatever you think about Boot Camp in your head, it’s the opposite.”

“Boot Camp is an essential learning experience for anyone in business or life (ie. Everyone).”

“Changes how you think (retrains).”