How do you get started on a journey for change?

At The Tatham Group, we know that the most challenging part of the journey is just getting started – admitting there may be a better way of operating. That’s why we begin by creating an emotional experience for our clients through what we call Boot Camp.

Clients who go through it call it nothing less than a transformational experience, learning how to fix processes, not the same mistake, over and over.

Many go on to find ways to speed up a process, find dramatic bottom line savings, make customers happier and actually change the mindset of their employees to feel empowered – and free to innovate. The journey we take you on provides your people with a shared experience and a common language that helps ignite and energize change.

Boot Camp breaks the cycle

Everyone is skeptical. People ask, ‘What do we know about our clients’ businesses?’ Our answer is, “Absolutely nothing”. However what we do know is how to provide you with a new way of thinking. That’s our expertise. Boot Camp participants endure a rigorous learning experience, and they learn a very valuable skill – a discipline and a process for how to change. This discipline incorporates cross-functional teams of employees who make the changes, coaching teams and leaders alike, creating a safe environment for experimentation so that root causes can be discovered, ongoing measurement and the most important of all, implementation and continuous improvement.

This journey is long, tiring and difficult, but it’s how you can begin to break the cycle of hell, not in months or years, but in days.


Why don’t we call ourselves consultants? Because that is exactly what we are not. And it’s exactly what you don’t need. You see, we are highly motivated to see you succeed, and for that to occur, we help you understand the root cause of your problems and empower you to put the solution into action. While we work with you until you are confidently on your own, our business model is not based on getting as many ‘billable’ hours out of our clients as possible. That is one of our key differentiators. One our clients really appreciate.


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