Can you achieve 3 years of change in two days?

You think change will take a long time? How about igniting three to six years of change in two days? During Boot Camp, we relate new hope of what an organization could be like, we teach CEOs and their executive teams how to master their new skills by applying a simple yet elegant problem-solving method to their issues, and through repetition, we allow companies to reframe their vision with a new way of thinking. What next? We transfer our knowledge to key individuals within the organization, and they in turn, become the change agents. These change agents foster a grassroots transformation from the bottom up and transfer their knowledge to the leadership. As our clients put into practice their new way of thinking—and changing—they will often see a dramatic improvement within weeks. Before they know it, the entire company is transformed. Each and every person wakes up in the morning thinking about how they can make the customer experience better.

The big ‘aha’ moment for many people is when they see that no matter what the challenge is, they can fix it, because it’s not beyond them – they feel confident they can come up with their own solutions in a systematic and disciplined way.

Clients who have taken action

When you break free from recurring problems, the results can be nothing short of transformational.

NASA shortened the time for scientists to access the Hubble Space Telescope from 18 months to 3 weeks and cut costs by $100 million. Continental Insurance shortened the time to obtain an insurance policy from 92 days to 2 hours. Delta Airlines saved $635,000 per year on the Frequent Flyer Program. R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute streamlined product development from eight years to four years. The Canada Life Assurance Company documented a 30% improvement in productivity. This resulted in $200,000 to the bottom line not as a cost reduction, but in new business otherwise gone to competition.